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Chip brokers in Europe

A.A.B. International BV
A.A.B. International BV
Industrieweg 40
3606 AS
tel: +31-346-551820 - national sales
tel: +31-346-578484 - international sales
fax: +31-346-551605 General
Trading company specialised in international brokerage of Intel CPU's, DIMM modules and harddisk's (Fujitsu, Quantum, Seagate, Western Digital).

Achat Vente Electronique
A.V.E Achat Vente Electronique
Rte de la passerelle
74370 Charvonnex
tel: +33-4-50603025
fax: +33-4-50608438

Advanced Memory Electronics GmbH
Marie-Curie-Stra$szlig;e 6
D-64560 Riedstadt
tel: +49-6158-9702-0
fax: +49-6158-9702-20
AME Advanced Memory Electronics GmbH und AME International sind unabh&aauml;ngige Handelsunternehmen, spezialisiert auf die kurzfristige und pünktliche Beschaffung von aktiven, diskreten und optoelektrischen Halbleitern. Unsere guten Verbindungen in Europa, Asien und den USA und die enge Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner-Unternehmen in Hong-Kong ermöglichen uns, Bauelemente aller namhaften Hersteller speziell für Sie zu beschaffen. Dabei liegt unsere besondere Stärke in der Schliessung von Versorgungslücken bei Lieferengpässen und in der Beschaffung abgekündigter Bauteile.

A-Source Electronics BV
POBox 960
Bedrijvenpark Twente 165L
tel: +31-546-580333
fax: +31-546-580330
Manufacturers: AMD, .., Zilog
Active, passive and electromechanical components
Biggest chip broker on the Dutch market and specialized in hard to find and obsolete chips.
We are a partner for most of the OEM'ers and subcontractors on the dutch market.

Astec Inc
Asafieva 12-1-224
Saint Petersburg
tel: +7-(812)-513-18-68
fax: +7-(812)-513-18-68
We are not resellers, we keep our own industrial process of pulling IC*'s out. We sell IC*'s both pulled out and new ones (memory, cpu* and so on, other items: resistors, capacitors etc.). We also sell units on board and other computer components (monitors, keyboards, mice, cords, cameras etc.).

Atlantik Electronik Group
(Ein Unternehmen der Atlantik Networxx Gruppe)
Atlantik Elektronik GmbH
Fraunhoferstraße 11a
D-82152 Planegg
tel: +49-89-8950-5177
fax: +49-89-8950-5100
Over 25 years of history operate arcoss Europe, Atlantik handle franchised and non-franchised line card, which can almost well serve all of your components needs from our competitive distribution and OEM stock. Therefore, Atlantik Electronik commit itself with competitive pricing, high quality, fast delivery service and a guarantee to meet manufacturer's satisfaction.

Broker1 KCS Electronics
(Since 1984)
Broker1 KCS BV
Kuipershaven 22
NL 3311 AL Dordrecht
tel: +31-78-6312261
fax: +31-78-6312659 General About
Your partner for obsolete and hard to find electronic components since 1984.
We are also distributor of Everlight OPTO products.

Chip-Co Company
tel: +49-89-87100122
fax: +49-89-87100111

Chipdir Brokering
Chipdir Brokering
Huygensstraat 39
NL 9727 JA Groningen
Netherlands - please use the form below for chip requests
../index.htm Main You can request an offer here
I'm not really a broker, but your's truly, the writer and publisher of this Chipdir. I have been getting so many requests to (help) find real chips since I started the site late 1994 that I first considered to become a (part time) chip broker myself but while getting to know the brokerage business decided to find a reliable established broker as a partner instead.
When you're looking for a serious amount of chips (worth >$200), send me the complete chip name, including prefixes and postfixes (to determine required speed and housing etc.) Or describe them as best as you can.
Give the number of chips you want (estimation is OK too, but finding 1, 100 or 10000 chip's is a complety different problem...)
When you want a certain number of chips every month/year feel free to say so well in advance. The longer we can look for the chips the higher the chance to find a lower priced batch.
When you already have a target price, it can help to tell us so we can quickly buy stocks before someone else does and/or negociate a lower price.
Does it help to ask several brokers to search for your chips?
No! The intra-brokers market is relatively small and when several brokers are looking for the same chips (on behalf of a single client) there seems to be a big demand and the price of the item may go up since two of the brokers you hired are bidding against each other.
So what's the procedure? Send the request to me and a small but very reliable brokerage firm that I have much confidence in will do it's utmost best to help you and when there are any obscurities will contact you directly via email with any remaining questions and/or send a preliminary offer depending on what could be found in the databases they have access to. For serious amounts of chips (or chips that are expensive enough) we'll also ask 1500 other brokers if they have any available stock (via telephone, fax, email and floppy).
Send me this filled out form!

Teleric Technology B.V.
Netherlands (?)
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. By means of this internet display we are selling various overstock semiconductor products. Feel free to have a look at the above mentioned URL. We hope you will find some products to your requirements.

Chips 'n Stock
Chips 'n Stock
care of ACG AG
Siebertstraße 5
81675 München
tel: +49-89-829998-0
fax: +49-89-829998-330
parts and sales related inquiries
editorial / content contact
press / media contact
other and general inquiries powered by ACG AG provides an outstanding and free service to all people working in the semiconductor business. Only ACG AG stock, OEM excess stock and consignment stock from large OEMs worldwide is shown.

Circuits Multi Projets
46 Avenue Felix Viallet
Grenoble 38031
tel: +33-476574797
fax: +33-476473814
fax: +33-476509533 General
CMP is a broker in integrated circuits, MEMS* and MCMs for a number of technologies for prototyping and low volume. Circuits are fabricated for universities, research laboratories and industrial companies. Advanced technologies are available in CMOS*, biCMOS, SiGe, HEMT GaAs, from various foundry like STM, AMS, PML...

Company 3D
Company 3D
tel: +7-095-1945063
fax: +7-095-1945063
Independent electronic component distributor, specializing in export from Russia, CIS

Component Solutions in Time
Schillerstraße 24
80336 Munich
tel: +49-89-549-113-0
fax: +49-89-549-113-33
We are Germany´s largest independent stocking distributor of electronic components with over 40,000 line items IN STOCK. Now you can search our stock online and buy with your credit card in real time - all orders are processed immediately. No more "prior sales" or unavailabilities: You see what we have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crucial Components
Crucial Components Ltd.
tel: +44-1604-230061
fax: +44-1604-239799

Datec Recycling
Datec Electronics Holdings
1 Whittle Place South Newmoor Industrial Estate
Irvine Ayrshire KA11 4HR
Scotland (UK)
tel: +44-1294-221836
fax: +44-1294-221838
Datec Recycling recover, refurbish and resell all types of ICs and sub-assemblies. We stock several thousand different component types ranging from current production excess to old and difficult to find parts. Our plant in Scotland (UK) is certified to ISO9002 and we operate to the highest standards of quality. We also have access to new product and specalise in trading new CPU and memory parts. Other services include contract refurbishment and sorting of 'pulls' and circuit board refining for precious metal recovery. The Datec Group has offices in the US, Canada, Taiwan and 5 countries in Europe to ensure we can rapidly supply product to all parts of the world.

(Founded 1976)
Dionics Limited
Fletchworth Gate
tel: +44-2476-713366
tel: +44-2476-710222 - Excess Division
fax: +44-2476-714488 - Excess Division General
Dionics is Europe's largest independent stockist of semiconductors. Current stock levels are in excess of $10 million and cover a broad range of manufacturers.
ISO9002 accredited

Eklama-Electronic Handelsgesellschaft MBH
Waldstraße 98
A-2130 Mistelbach
tel: +43-2572-20275
fax: +43-2572-20275-13
Distributor of electronic components since more than 20 years.
Main activities are in IC*, Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Resistors, Capacitors, beside them they try to find special products to fullfill their customer's requirements.

am Schlosshof 4
D 93087 Alteglofsheim
tel: +49-9453-9943-0
fax: +49-9453-9943-18 General
We are independent distributor and broker for IC*'s from: Burr Brown, Maxim, National, Motorola. We are frenchized with: C&D Technology (US). We are specialized in hard-to-find parts. Our main field is anything around power-supply (board-level) and will start soon with a shop-system

Europoint Technology LTD
Westlink Ind. Kylemore Road
tel: +353-1-6266111
fax: +353-1-6266117
Europoint has been brokering chips and core PC parts since 1990. We are a key brokerage for european clients on an ongoing basis.
Europoint is connected to many european sources and can usually give very conpetitive pricing on core product for quantity and smaller lots.
For all your european sourcing call us.

Excess Portal
Excess Portal
Fast growing B2B marketplace for electronic components. Professional brokers and companies worldwide use it to quickly find and buy such components sourced from excess inventory, factory-packed and considerably cheaper. Combined with professional handling, is one of the most attractive and ideal buying sources for these businesses.
At we sell only unused, originally packaged products are subject to the trading business. We mainly offer three classes of electronic standard components:
Our suppliers are large companies such as Siemens, Motorola, Marconi, NatSteel Electronics, Bosch and others. They deliver their unused excess components to our global high tech warehouses all over the world. We register and store the components and publish them on
Our business idea grew out of the weakness of the present remarketing system (low capital recovery rate) and the lack of acceptance of new B2B Internet trading platforms, such as Online-Chip Exchanges (discrepancy between supply and actual availability). At all offers are physically in our own stock. GUARANTEED! Whatever you order is ready to ship within 24 hours! is operated by the German wwnet company, a highly motivated team of experienced specialists from the IT and components industry, who came together in July 1999 in order to revolutionize the marketing of excess stock in the electronics industry. wwnet belongs to the ACG Group, a member of the German NEMAX 50 stock index.

Service Commercial
tel: +33-1-30759797
fax: +33-1-30759798
Yes, I am a french chips broker.
We are permanently looking for up to date or obsolete IC*'s and electronical components.
I finaly found the GRAYHILL component.
Thank you for your help.
May be will need some help from you one of these days.

GM Electronic Services
Trading in New and Used Computer and Electronic Equipment.
SBC House
Restmor Way
tel: +44-181-669-0011
fax: +44-181-401-1955

Halfin SA
Quai aux Pierres de Taille 37-39
Brussels, BE 1000
tel: +32-11-322-218-1011 (?)
fax: +32-11-322-218-6998 (?)

Hardware Trading
Hardware Trading HT AB
Kanalv. 14
Upplands Väsby 194 61
tel: +46-8-590 713 05
fax: +46-8-590 713 06
Chip brokers and CPU's.

Karl Kruse Electronics
See 'Kruse'.

Kingsbeech Ltd.
Hayes House
tel: +44-1793-751114
fax: +44-1793-751958
Small high service driven organisation specialising in search and supply of a broad base of hard to find and obsolete electronic components.

Kreisler Import BV.
Elviraland 29
2591 GE Den Haag
tel: +31-70-385-2104
fax: +31-70-383-0300

Kruse Electronic Components GmbH and Co KG
Bruchweg 109
Kaarst, 41564
tel: +49-2131-981410
fax: +49-2131-981413
Independent worldwide stocking distributor of IC*'s, semiconductors and passive components. Buys and sells OEM, Distributors and other excess component inventory for more than over 40 years. All major brands from AMD to Zilog. Specialized in "hard to find " and "obsolete" components. specializing in trading allocated, obsolete, hard-to find and discontinued IC*'s, semiconductors, diodes, transistors and optoelectronics for over 45 years.

Lavinci Luca Consultants
Via W. Tobagi 5
Paullo (Milano)
tel: +39-2-906-32251
fax: +39-2-906-38838 General
Computer and monitor spare parts, ic*, fbt, semiconductors for the computer monitor repairing marketplace. Hybrids, microprocessors, transistors, ac adaptor battery, lcd, backlights lamps.

LI Components Ltd
Fulmar Way, Donibristle Technology Park
Dunfermline, KY11 5FP
Scotland (UK)
tel: +44-1383-824642
fax: +44-1383-824742
Specialises in supplying obsolete or hard to get IC*'s. They've been supporting obsolete items and product life extensions since 1985 and have over 700,000 obsolete items available to them.

Luna Electronic
Luna Electronic GmbH
Stikkamp 42
48739 Legden
tel: +49-2566-9335-0
fax: +49-2566-9335-99

Mainline Electronics UK
Mainline Electronics Group
Leicester, LE19 2FZ
tel: +44-116-286-5303
fax: +44-116-286-7797


Easterboarn 9
8495 NB Aldeboarn
tel: +31-566-631511
fax: +31-566-631221 - Has search engine for available parts

Micparts is an independent stocking distributor of Electronic Components with over twenty years experience in buying and selling electronic components in the EC, we are strong in hard to find, allocated and obsolete parts.

During that time we have established many long standing business relationships with electronic product ion plants throughout the world.

Now! Components
Merged with USBid in 200004.

Panacea Projects
Panacea Projects Ltd.
Willows Lane
Rochdale OL164BG
United Kingdom
tel: +44-1706-522749
fax: +44-8701-342532 General
The UK's most responsive semiconductor Broker -Contact us- we always try to help.

Partner Productions
Partner Productions Ltd.
Werner-von-Siemens Straße 2
22479 Ellerau
tel: +49-4106-626748
fax: +49-4106-626749
please be so kind and let us know if you can offer stock merchandise, faulty merchandise, production run-overof electronic components of all kinds.
It is also possible for us totake your stock in our warehouse under commission but you can during theduration also sell from this merchandise stock. It would be possible to keepmerchandise in the market even though it already has been written out of yourbooks and at the same time still at your disposal.

Pegasus Components GmbH
Ingolstädter Straße 12
D-80807 Munich
tel: +49-89-2070-7980
fax: +49-89-2070-7950
Broker with own stock.

Prime Electronics Trading GmbH
Prime Electronics Trading GmbH
Kedenburgstraße 44
22041 Hamburg
tel: +49 40 6569320
fax: +49 40 65693232 General About
trading of computer components, especially CPUs and memory modules

Kohlriege 14
33758 Schloss Holte
tel: +49-5207-9111-0
tel: +49-5207-911122
fax: +49-5207-911119
International traders in electronic and electrical systems and components.

Semiconsult Electronic GmbH
Am Lachengraben 7
63303 Dreieich, Frankfurt
tel: +49-6103-830875 or 830037
fax: +49-6103-830981
Semiconsult Electronic distributes excess inventory from Germany's largest OEM's. We stock all kinds of semiconductors, especially hard-to-find & obsolete analog and MPU parts.
Because of the contacts which we have built up over the course of many years, we are familiar and warmly welcomed partners in almost all the Purchasing Departments among Germany's TOP 500 OEM's. The majority of our partners engage us exclusively as a vendor for their surplus stocks, as well as for assistance in locating obsolete or allocated products.
Semiconsult was among the first companies in Europe to develop its own worldwide on-line wholesale trading system for OEM surplus, including sales prices, date codes, etc. You can find our latest inventory for download or search through all current offers at our home page.
Today we received new stock for over 500,000 US$ of brandnew, hard-to-find parts as well as price-agressive commodities. Please take the time to check our .dbf file (ICsource standard format). You will find all of our current inventory there.

Sino International
tel: +31-36-5347650
fax: +31-36-5344965
Netherlands sales purchasing logistics administration inventory files
Sino International BV is a rapidly expanding distributor of semiconductors. Our customers can be found in Europe, America and the Asian/Pacific area. We stock for over US$ 2 Million in our warehouse on active electronic products, varying from the most dedicated MPU's and EPROM*'s through a wide range of Thyristors, Linear and Transistors. We aim to supply products which are of a consistent quality from reliable sources.

Starway Technologies
Starway Technologies Limited
tel: +44-208-500-2780
fax: +44-208-500-5805
We are a chip broker based in the uk that specialise in all types of semiconductors, SRAM*, DRAM and aerospace/military spares and nato stock numbers and especially tan caps please fell free to contact us.

Stock'N Source
Stock'N Source
10 Rue Ballu
75009 Paris
tel: +33-1-5531-9494
fax: +33-1-5531-9484
Stock'N Source is an independent stocking distributor of ICs and semis.

Studio E/EI Semiconductors
Studio E / EI Semiconductors
branch office:
11000 Belgrade,
Yugoslavia, Bulevar JNA 51/2
Tel: +381-63-201150
Tel: +381-63-304249
Tel: +381-11-3442444
Fax: +381-11-434439

Teleric Technology
See Chipoutlet.

Trading Specialists
(Trading division of Cyclops.)
Trading Specialists
Link Business Park
Osbaldwick, York, YO10 3JB
tel: +44-1904-436409
fax: +44-1904-424424
Obsolete, Commercial, Industrial, Mil Spec, Semiconductors, Memory, Transistors, Diodes, Capacitors, Relays, and all types of Active & Passive components.
Trading Specialists offer a full inventory management system tailor-made to suit your needs. We are always available to view and appraise your stock and give you an immediate answer.

Vandy Computer
Vandy Computer Vertriebs GmbH
Fritz-Meyer-Weg 44
Munich, 81925
tel: +49-89-95720888
fax: +49-89-95720889 general
DRAM's, SRAM*'s, electronic components active and passive, workstation memory.

Volt Electronic Components, Ltd
Galwey Cross, Macroom
Co Cork
tel: +353-26-20056
tel: +353-86-8111344
fax: +353-26-20057
Efficient outlet for component resale.
If you have inventory for resale we will help you resell it.
Wols Trading
Wols Trading
Schimmelweg 505
2524 XE Den Haag
tel: +31-70-3939629
fax: +31-70-3939629
We are very strong supplier in all kind of semiconductors, chips, with sources in the USA and in Asia. We do small quantities as well.

Chip brokers outside of the USA:
local Africa
local Asia
local Australia
local Canada
local Europe (including the whole of Russia)

Chip brokers inside of the USA by first letter of name:

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