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Chip brokers in the USA starting with 'O'

O2xygen Electronics, Ltd.
741 Boston Post Road
Guilford, CT
tel: +1-203-458-2111
fax: +1-203-458-1034 General
We are an independant distributor specialized in obsolete parts. We provide our customers with a worldwide and fast service. Our component database is one of the most up-to-date on the market with about 10 million component references.

Obsolete Electronic Coponents
Obsolete Electronic Coponents
5241 NE 14th. Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338
tel: +1-954-493-8913
fax: +1-954-493-9559
Specializes in obsolete electronic components

Omega Components
Omega Components
235 Hunt Club Blvd Suite 101
Longwood, Florida 32779
tel: +1-407-862-7556
fax: +1-407-862-7724 General
We are independent distributors of all electronic components.

Omni Circuits
Omni Circuits Int'l Ltd
20 Peachtree Ct.
Holbrook, NY 11741
tel: +1-516-467-6664
fax: +1-516-737-6664

Online Tech. Exchange
Online Technology Exchange, Inc.
7100 Gulf Blvd
St. Petersburg, FL 33706
tel: +1-727-367-2300
tel: +1-800-606-8459
fax: +1-727-367-2005 (?) - sales
Independent stocking distributor of various electronic components.
Includes: CPU, DRAM, Diode, MOSFET, MPU, PLD, SIMM, SRAM*, transistor.
We also buy excess inventory.

55 Tall Oaks Drive, Apt. 704
Weymouth, MA 02090
tel: +1-781-340-3326 About Datasheets

Orbit Systems
Orbit Systems, Inc.
4400 MacArthur Blvd.
Newport Beach, California 92660
tel: +1-949-852-9999 Ext. 227
fax: +1-949-261-9999
Orbit Systems, Inc. has over 14 years experience in independent distribution of Integrated Circuits and semiconductors. Our customers are large OEMS worldwide. Our REQS are 100% from OEMS, and are always well qualified, for current Purchase Orders, or back orders.

Origin Electronics
Origin Electronics
9513 Pershing Ave
Orangevale, Ca. 95662
tel: +1-916-987-3238
tel: +1-512-267-3034
fax: +1-916-987-5247
fax: +1-512-267-3087 General
Origin Electronics is an independent stocking distributor of active and passive electronic components, as well as providing a full range of value-added services. These services include material management systems and program management services for printed circuit assembly.
In addition to offering electronic components distribution products and services, we offer fully integrated Internet web hosting through Origin Web Services.

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