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Chip brokers in Canada

Apex Technologies
Apex Technologies
60 Columbia Way, #300
Markham, Ontario L3R 0C9
tel: +1-416-499-2000
fax: +1-416-499-2693

Ashley Electronic Devices
116 Howden Road
Unit # 10
Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 3E4
tel: +1-416-750-3133
fax: +1-416-750-3203

Cobweb Electronic Parts Ltd.
560 Denison Street, Unit #2
Markham, Ontario L3R 2M8
tel: +1-905-475-0671
fax: +1-905-475-3251
Cobweb is an independent distributor of electronic component parts. Our large inventory is aimed towards semiconductors but we also stock capacitors, resistors, connectors and opto devices.

CPC, Inc.
(And SemiSource)
19-244 Brockport Drive
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6X9
tel: +1-416-675-0859
tel: +1-416-675-0858 - SemiSource
fax: +1-416-675-0860
fax: +1-416-675-0721 - SemiSource
We are an independent distributor of eletronic components and passive devices in surface mount and through-hole technology.
Semiconductor and passive component distributor serving all OEMs as well as other component brokers.
AMD, AMP*, Analog Devices, Augat, Beckman Industries (BI Technologies), Bourns, Burndy, C&K, Dale,Dallas, GI/Microsemi, Harris, Intel, KOA, Linear Technologies, Molex, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Philips/Signetics, SGS/Thompson, Texas Instruments, Xicor, Xilinx, Yuasa, Zilog.
We pay the first $50 shipping anywhere in North America for orders over (U.S) $599

Cygnus Electronics Corp
536 Hood Rd.
Markham, Ontario L3R 3K9
tel: +1-905-470-9301
fax: +1-905-470-2769

Diverse Electronics
Diverse Electronics
200 Cremazie West
Montreal, Quebec H2P 1C6
tel: +1-514-388-7308
fax: +1-514-388-7889 General
Diverse Is an independant Stocking distributor of Passive and Active components.
We stock many different brand name components, such as:

and many more semi and passive lines.

Emar Int'l. I/E
tel: 514-421-3849
tel: 514-421-0211 - General message
fax: 514-421-6712
We are involved in the chip trading business [as a trader].

FG Commodity Electronics, Inc.
tel: +1-514-339-1425
fax: +1-514-339-1429 - Fred Greenberg
Major independent chip distributor. Selling and buying all types of integrated circuits.
Feel free to send inquires by e-mail. Connected to every major IC* inventory in the world.

Jaguar Group, the
The Jaguar Group of Companies
4236 Angeloni Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
tel: +1-905-566-9666 (direct)
tel: +1-905-566-5463
fax: +1-905-566-0744
The Jaguar Group of Companies specializes in sourcing new, used or obsolete chips of all makes and manufacturers. OEM's welcome. More than just a broker, Jaguar can distribute, blind ship and offer technical support. Excess inventory list more than welcome. National Semi, Maxim, Motorola, TI and many other manufacturers. Cable parts a specialty.

RAZ Semiconductors
RAZ Semiconductors
6525 VanDen Abeele
St. Laurent, Quebec H4S 1S1
tel: +1-514-334-2447
fax: +1-514-334-7794

SAYAL Electronics
SAYAL Electronics
1-3791 Victoria Park Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M1W 3K6
tel: +1-416-494-8999
fax: +1-416-494-9721
SAYAL Electronics is a component distribution company specializing in buying and selling of all surplus, excess or closeout inventories consisting of all semiconductors, passive electronic components, test equipment, computer, industrial or consumer products and electrical devices. SAYAL Electronics carries a multimillion-dollar inventory of ready-to-ship products and offers a global search service for locating hard-to-find and obsolete parts. Search our extensive inventory on-line.

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