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ABC of electronics terms

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Where Manufacturer AZ-Com They make extenders Emulation Technology Inc


Analog to Digital Converter Pico* Technology PC based test equipment


Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation.

This is a compression technique for PCM* (see there) coded voice data. Adaptive means that both the sender and the receiver calculate what the next sample will probably be based on the fact that the data is assumed to consists of only one human voice at the time or of a slow modem* (1200 baud* or such). (Both kinds of signals consist of only one frequency at the time). Differential means that only the difference between the real sample and the predicted sample are being transmitted. Typically the sample size of PCM* can be reduced from 8 bits to 4 bits or even 3 bits without any loss of quality. Modern sound cards can normally also code and decode ADPCM*.

See als PCM* and codec*.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop

This is one of the new DSL protocols which should allow high bit rates over conventional copper telephone lines from the telephone exchange to the house (the local loop). The speed from the exchange to the house is higher than the other way around, hence 'assymetric'. DSL Forum by Dan Kegel

Some of the major players in the multimedia/modem* chipset world include:


Accelerated Graphics Port (by Intel)

Intel announces accelerated graphics port 1.0 specification

FOLSOM, CALIF. -- August 5, 1996 -- Intel Corporation today announced the Accelerated Graphics Port (A.G.P.) interface 1.0 specification. Available on the world wide web, the A.G.P. 1.0 specification consists of the necessary electrical and signal information that will enable graphics hardware developers and system OEMs to both design and use graphics controllers on the graphics port. Accelerated Graphics Port Implementors Forum


Computer made by Commodore as a successor to the 8 bit line of 6502 based Commodore64's etc.

See also:

Victor Steve Haaz wanted me to add:

I think it would deserve more info on it, as:

There are many possible links, but here are just a few:


Where Manufacturer Amplifonix


Analog means that every voltage level is used as separate data whereas in a digital single only the extreme voltage like 0 and 5 volt are considered to be separate data states. Analog systems can carry much more data but their hardware is more expensive and they can suffer from all kinds of noise. To have a digital signal carry the same amount of information as an analog signal a much higher frequency (and thus bandwidth) is needed.

An analog 'GAL' is called a FPAA or a TRAC. Subscribe to the Analog and Mixed Signal eNewsletter Analog Circuit Design Forum: circuit designs questions of all kinds are welcome.


Where Manufacturer Lecroy Corp


American National Standards Institute (?)



An antenna is used by a receiver to pick-up the signal from the air. Some devices may use an internal antenna or use one of the other cables connected to the device (of the head phone for example) as the antenna so it seems to be absent. - Barker and Williams


Advanced SCSI* Architecture. More by the developers

ASIC design

Application Specific Integrated Circuit

Where Manufacturer
local ASIC design houses At Computers Square

COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.


local More on this page by Eddie LeMay

ATA T13 Technical Committee home page (ATA and ATAPI)

ATAPI T13 Technical Committee home page (ATA and ATAPI) ATA to Ultra ATA/66
See also:
ISDN Chips from Cologne Chip Designs work from 3V-5V!


Asynchronous Transfer Mode or Automatic Teller Machine.

See also ISDN.


An audio chip is like the chips used in business cards or greeting cards. Some sound like a telephone ringing, or doorbell, etc.
One of the manufacuturers in America is Clegg Industries of California.

See also Speech.


title order at Amazon USA price indication
Audio IC* Projects ISBN: 0750621214 $25


Electronics that are meant to be used in automobiles. at EDN

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
0..9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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