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Chips in the category 'DATACOM'

nr name description manufacturer
10383 CY10E383 ECL*/TTL/ECL* Translator and High-Speed bus Driver, data Cypress*
1403 MK1403 8 pin crystal/clock multiplier with 4X, 5X, 6X and 8X output from an inexpensive crystal MicroClock*
1407 MK1407 16 pin for 155.52 MHz PECL clock for SONET, 4X, 8X and 12X PECL multiplier from an inexpensive crystal MicroClock*
1574 MK1574 Frame rate communications with 8 kHz input. Outputs include T1, E1, T2, E2. narrow-SOIC16 MicroClock*
16550 XR16C550A CMOS* UART with FIFO*, Data Exar
16552 ST16C552 DUART* with FIFO* and Parallel Printer Port, Data Exar
16952 OX16C952 2-channel UART with 3 Mbps data rate and 128 byte FIFO* OMDI
18101 PC18101F-01 pACT chip set control processor (ARM7TDMI), Family Cirrus, PCSI*
2011 MK2011 8 pin for Fast Ethernet boards with 20, 25, and 50MHz clocks MicroClock*
2015 MK2015 8 pin crystal/clock multiplier with 155.52 MHz PECL clock for SONET and 12X PECL multiplier MicroClock*
2018 MK2018 8 pin for 106.25 MHz Fibre Channel clock. Uses inexpensive and popular 20.00 MHz crystal input MicroClock*
21101 PC21101T PHS chip set baseband controller (ARM7TDMI), Family Cirrus, PCSI*
2150 MK2150A 16 pin for ISDN terminal adapters. Includes 1.8432, 3.6864, 7.68, 12.288, 15.36, and 18.432 MHz selections MicroClock*
2388 AK2388 GSM baseband chip (Contains ARM7), Family AKM*
3588 XRT3588 V.35/Bell 306 Driver/Receive, Data Exar
3589 XRT3589 V.35/Bell 306 Driver/Receive, Data Exar
370 FLASH370 High-Density Flash CPLDs, data Cypress*
4755 HEF4755V Transceiver for serial data communication DIL28, CERDIP28 Philips
68184 MC68184 Broadband Interface controller Motorola*
68185 MC68185 Twisted Pair Modem* Motorola*
68194 MC68194 Carrierband Modem* Motorola*
68195 MC68195 LocalTalk Adapter Motorola*
68302 MC68302 Integrated Multiprotocol Processor Motorola*
68356 MC68356 Signal Processing Communication Engine (SPCE) Motorola*
68360 MC68360 quad* Integrated Communications controller (QUICC) Motorola*
68605 MC68605 X.25 Protocol controller Motorola*
68606 MC68606 Multi-Link LAPD controller Motorola*
68681 XR68C681 CMOS* Dual* Channel UART (DUART*), Data Exar
68824 MC68824 Token bus controller Motorola*
68834 MC68834 Stream Cipher Chip Motorola*
68836 MC68836 FDDI Clock Generator (FCG) Motorola*
68837 MC68837 Elasticity Buffer and Link Management (ELM) Motorola*
68838 MC68838 Media Access controller (MAC*) Motorola*
68839 MC68839 FSI Motorola*
68840 MC68840 Integrated FDDI Motorola*
68847 MC68847 quad* ELM Motorola*
68848 MC68848 CAMEL Motorola*
68852 MC68852 100VG-AnyLAN PCI System Interface Motorola*
68853 MC68853 100VG-AnyLAN ISA System Interface Motorola*
78392 CY7B8392 Ethernet Coax Transceiver Interface, data Cypress*
7923 CY7B923 HOTLink Transmitter, data Cypress*
7933 CY7B933 HOTLink Receiver, data Cypress*
7951 CY7B951 SST SONET/SDH Serial Transceiver, data Cypress*
7971 CY7C971 100BASE-T4/10BASE-T Fast Ethernet Transceiver (CAT 3), data Cypress*
7972 CY7B972 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T Fast Ethernet Transceiver, data Cypress*
860 MPC860 PowerQUICC Motorola*
9266 CY9266-C HOTLink Evaluation Board, data Cypress*
9266 CY9266-F HOTLink Evaluation Board, data Cypress*
9266 CY9266-T HOTLink Evaluation Board, data Cypress*

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