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Manufacturers of other electronic components

Other manufacturers

Manufacturers of non-chips
Where What
local Actuator
local Boards, ready to use for prototyping etc. see als single board computers
local Cable
local CAD program
local Capacitor
local Chip design and manufacturing tool
local Chip
local Circuit breaker
local Connector makers
local Controller boards for SCSI, firewire etc. (New, not many yet.)
local Crystal
local Die (Foundry)
local Diode, zener, transient suppressor
local Display
local Embedding tool
local EPROM programmers
local Fan
local Inductor
local Infrared
local LED
local Machine to help use chips (for PCB-assembly for example)
local Memory module
local Miscellaneous
local Motor
local Opto-electronics
local PCB's for you and single board computer
local PCB making material
local Project kit
local Relay
local Resistor
local Sensor
local Single board computer (see also under PCB and board)
local Socket makers
local Speaker, earphone and microphone etc.
local Test equipment and testing companies etc.
local Varistor

Service providers

Where What
local Chip equipment financing
local Chip packaging
local Design companies
local Information about chips
local Technological company consultants

See also

Where What
local Categories of subjects with often URL's of manufacturers Track down manufacturers for certain products General search engine for manufacturers of electronic products

See also

Other sites with a database of products and their manufacturers

Where What Circuit World ET-Info (in German)

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