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Manufacturers of crystals and resonators etc.

A crystal is a very precise source for oscillators.
It is often used to generate the clocks for a processor.
See also Crystal Semiconductor Corporation. This has a theoretical background of quartz crystals section

Where Manufacturer
Rest of the page See also the rest of the page... Abracon Corp Advanced Crystal Oscillators (ACT) Bliley Technologies Cardinal Components C-MAC MicroTechnology CTS Corp Ecliptek Dale Fox Electronics Frequency Management Han Kyung Telecom (see also below) ICMFG (see also below) International Crystal Manufacturing
IQD Crystals, gone, is now C-MAC? Kinseki KSS (american daughter of Kinseki) M-tron Industries Oak Technology Oscillatek Pletronics SaRonix SaRonix TXC, Taiwan's largest XTal manufacturer Vectron Labs Inc Valpey-Fisher Corp Wenzel Associates

Bliley Technologies, Inc.
Erie, Pennsylvania
Manufacturer of crystal oscillators for telecommunications, space and military applications.

3545 Cadillac Avenue
Costa Mesa, California 92626
tel: +1-714-433-1200
fax: +1-714-433-1234
Manufacturer of quality quartz crystal frequency timing devices, namely quartz crystals and oscillators.

Han Kyung Telecom
Han Kyung Telecom Co., Ltd
Manufacturers, Exporter,
Room 3724, Ra-Dong, Joongang Circulation Complex,
# 1258, Kurobon-Dong, Kuro-Ku, Seoul, Korea
tel: +82-2-616-0430
fax: +82-2-687-5874
Han Kyung Telecom Co., Ltd. is specialized manufacturer and distributor of Various crystal related products.
Especially, HKT is very strong in oscillators such VCXO, TCXO, sinewave oscillators and normal oscillators with the frequency range 32.768khz to 200mhz.
The crystal unit such as HC-49/U, HC-49/S, UM series and MCF also can be supplied.
Most of case, we can supply even 10pcs orders.
Furthermore, we are continuously developing and preparing to expand our product range to higher or low frequency for TCXOs, OCXOs, and VCO etc. Should you are interest in our proposal, please feel free contacts to us.

International Crystal Manufacturing Co., Inc.
tel: +1-800-725-1426
fax: +1-800-322-9426

Lianyungang Jiangyu Electronic Co.,Ltd
5 Jianghua road, xinpu
tel: +86-518-5807662
fax: +86-518-5814745 General
ISO9002 certified manufactuer of Crystals, crystals oscillators, OCXO, VCXO etc.

Rakon Limited
Private Bag 99943, Newmarket
New Zealand
tel: +64-9-5735554
tel: +64-9-5719292 - sales
fax: +64-9-5735559
fax: +64-9-5735559 - sales - sales General About
www.rakon/process/index.html Corporate news
www.rakon/models/crystal-search Technical news
www.rakon/models/oscillator-search/ Technical data
www.rakon/models/crystal-search/ Search engine
www.rakon/contact.html Distributors/Rep's
www.rakon/models/oscillator-search/ Order Datasheets/books
www.rakon/contact.html Order CD-ROM's
Provides high performance, quality frequency control products that help drive our customers' success in today's changing environment. For over three decades, Rakon has been a world technology leader in the supply of customised frequency control solutions, high quality quartz crystals and oscillator and anticipating future customer requirements.
Development of high performance frequency control technology based on quartz crystals, which lie at the heart of all electronics products.
High levels of accuracy and stability in extreme dynamic conditions. The target markets include: Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), Wireless, Networks, Cellular, CDMA, GSM, Telecom, Radio, and Microwave. Rakon pioneered the development of oscillators capable of maintaining high levels of accuracy and unique lock-on stability in extreme environments are only a couple of reasons why Rakon high performance crystals are designed into over 50% of the world GPS products.

Shenzhen Fengyuantong Electronics
Shenzhen Fengyuantong Electronics Co., Ltd.
26h, Nanshangge Zhongyingarden
Futian District, Shenzhen
tel: +1-86-755-3501780
fax: +1-86-755-3501538
This corporation is the biggest crystal producing manufacturer in China. It exports for US$5 million to South East Asia, the USA and other countries every year.

Shenzhen Suppor
Shenzhen Suppor Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taoyuan Xi Road
Shenzhen 518051
tel: +86-755-607-6582
fax: +86-755-666-9440
We are a China electronic components exporter and we are an agent for electronic components products made by some well-known companies of china.

Our main products are as following:

If you have any interest in China electronic components products, pls feel free to contact us for quotation and samples. We are sure our products can get your approval since our high-quality products, reasonable prices, good service and fame have gained trusts and approvals from all our long-term clients.

We look forward to our long-term cooperation with you and we are sure you can benefit from our products.

Also see ceramic resonator (which is less precise but much cheaper) and 'oscillator'.

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