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Manufacturers of device programmers

A programmer is a device to program a chip with EEPROM, EPROM, PROM memory. This includes the traditional UV EPROM, but also MCU's and programmable logic like PLA's and FPGA's etc.

This is a new page, some of the programmer manufacturers are still on the tool maker pages.

556 East Weddell Drive
Suite 9
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
tel: +1-408-734-3700
fax: +1-408-541-9006

Advin Systems
556 E. Weddell Drive, No.8
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
tel: +1-408-243-7000
fax: +1-408-541-9006
EPROM programmers

Andromeda Research Labs
P.O. Box 222
Milford, OH 45150
tel: +1-513-831-9708
fax: +1-513-831-7562
EPROM programmers
Andromeda Research manufacturers bench and field device programming products.
Our main product is the EPROM+ programming system. A device programmer for bench and field.

BP-Microsystems General Importer for the Benelux

Burn Technology Limited
Building C51, Winfrith Techology Centre
Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8DH
England, UK
tel: +44-1305-852090
fax: +44-1305-851940 Technical Questions General information General About Corporate news Search engine Order datasheets/books and CD-ROM's
BurnTec is a UK based electronics company which supplies, supports, repairs and calibrates a wide range of universal device programmers including portable, PC based and gang programmers. Device programming equipment is supplied to the automotive industry, security industry and a wide range of electronic companies. With a combined 25 years experience in the electronic industry, Burn Technology are able to offer their customers a first class service, from selling the programmers to offering a repair and calibration service as well as free technical support.
A wide range of package adapters are available for BGA, PLCC, QFP, SOIC, SSOP, TSOP and TQFP packaged devices for the Labtool-48, Labtool-848 and the Labtool-148C programmers. Software updates for the Labtool range of programmers is always available free from the Burn Technology web and with secure online ordering all your programming needs are covered.

Data I/O
Data I/O
10525 Willows Rd. NE
Redmond, WA 98052
tel: +1-800-332-8246
tel: +1-888-SYNARIO - Software Div.
tel: +1-317-570-0721 - Reel-Tech Semiconductor Div.
fax: +1-206-869-7423 - sales - information, orders or rep name - service
(Data-IO owns Reel-Tech and Synario Design Automation) DATA I/O Synario FTP
Fully integrated automated systems for programming, testing, handling and marking programmable integrated circuits.
Data I/O acquired Reel-Tech of Indianapolis, a technology leader in the semiconductor component transportation arena, in 1995. Synario Design Automation, a division of Data I/O, focuses on Windows-based electronic design automation software for programmable integrated circuits and board-level design.
Data I/O is the world's leading provider of programming and handling equipment for design through manufacturing of programmable integrated circuits. Data I/O was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington and has sales and service offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Dataman Programmers
Dataman Programmers have over 20 years experience of manufacturing and supporting device and microchip programming equipment.
Our S4 programmer and emulator is the world's best-selling handheld EPROM programmer, no other programmer even comes close.
We also supply and support universal, low voltage and gang device programmers, and a wide range of UV eprom erasers.

Petrovanska 36, Posta 5, P.O.Box 22
SK-08005 Presov
tel: +421-91-734328
tel: +421-91-931007
fax: +421-91-732797
ELNEC is a developers a manufacturers of developer's tools with nearly 10 years experiences in device programming.
Main product: LabProg-48LV programmer - true universal tool for programming all kinds of types and silicon technologies of programmable devices with 48 powerfull pindrivers, that support all devices in DIL without adapter, included LV from 1.8V.
Other products: EPROM emulators, MCS51 emulators, package convertors.

Engineer Technical Laboratory
Koroleva St. 68/28
Odessa Zip: 65104
tel: +380-482-440891
tel: +380-482-445707 General About Technical news Technical data

Microprocessor EEPROM programmers:

(Formerly Logical Devices, Inc.)
Forchip Corporation
PO box 8400
Denver, Colorado 80201
tel: +1-303-722-6868
fax: +1-303-733-6868
Forchip Co. is a manufacturer of Flash Programmer, EPROM Programmer, PLD Development tools, Embedded Development Tools and programmers, UV erasers from small UV erasers to huge UV erasers, ROM emulators, SMT reflow ovens, PLD and CAE design software. We also provide starter kits for Atmel, Philips and SGS Thompson programmer products.

General Device Instruments
2348 Karen Drive #6
Santa Clara CA 95050
tel: +1-408-241-7376
fax: +1-408-241-6375
IC device programmers by: Advantech, Data I/O, Chroma, EETools, ICETechnology, MCT, Needhams, System General, Xeltek and many others.

Hoepping Elektronik Design
Hoepping Elektronik Design
Kantorie 97
Essen, NRW, 45134
tel: +49-201-843331
fax: +49-201-471918 General About Technical data
We produce and distribute hed.chip - universal device programmer. As the manufacturer of this device programmer, we provide excellent technical advice for issues concerning device programming.

612 Newton Street, Edwardsville, Kansas 66111
tel: +1-913-422-2094
tel: +1-800-339-5152 - sales only
Line testing equipment, EPROM programmers and RAM testers

Jason-Ranheim Company
Jason-Ranheim Company
3105 Gayle Lane
1805 Industrial Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
tel: +1-916-823-3284 technical support
tel: +1-916-823-3285 outside The USA
tel: +1-800-421-7731 toll free
tel: +1-800-421-7748 from California
EPROM programmers

JDR Microdevices
1850 South 10th Street
San Jose, CA 95112-4108
tel: +1-800-538-5000 - orders
tel: +1-800-538-5001 - customer service
EPROM programmers

Logical Devices
See LDI (previous entry)

Logical Devices
(Or has this company been renamed to Forchip. It still has a WWW site at 20030220.)
Logical Devices/Kanda USA, Inc.
5758 Lamar St.
Arvada, CO 80002
tel: +1-303-456-2060 - Office
tel: +1-800-331-7766 - Sales - free
tel: +1-866-345-2632 - Sales - free?
tel: +1-303-456-2060 - Support
fax: +1-303-456-2404 Administration Sales Technical support Engineering

Logic Technology
Logic Technology BV
P.O.Box 7054
5980 AB Panningen
tel: +31-77-3078438
fax: +31-77-3078439
They sell BP-Microsystems device programmers in the Benelux.

361 S. Camino Del Rio #119
Durango, CO 81301
tel: +1-970-2590555
fax: +1-970-2590777
M2L Electronics was founded in 1993.
EPROM programmers
Inexpensive, parallel port driven device programmers.
M2L manufactures inexpensive, portable device programmers.
We also make many adapters for surface mount components (which often work with programmers by many manufacturers).

Mite General New personal programmer PROG ATmega with in system programming option

These chips and more are on the list of the programmer:

Sample, including delivery charge, 99.00 USD only.
Ask for quantity bulk delivery price, please.

Needham's Electronics
4630 Beloit Drive, Suite #20
Sacramento, CA 95838
tel: +1-916-924-8037
fax: +1-916-924-8065 or?
EPROM programmers

Programming Technology Inc.
7 Musick
Irvine, CA 92618
tel: +1-800-504-5958
tel: +1-949-454-0332
fax: +1-949-454-2979 General About Technical data Order Datasheets/books
Founded in 1989, Programming Technology Inc. provides total solution value-added technical support for programmable semiconductors.
From our corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, PTI services semiconductor manufacturers, industrial distributors, contract manufacturers and OEM customers throughout North America.
We provide fast, accurate, and cost effective service for any volume of flash memory, programmable logic, or microcontroller products. By continually working with state-of-the-art equipment manufacturers, we are able to support virtually any programmable part including the latest developments in packaging technology such as µBGA, CSP, and multi chip packages.

Stag Micro Systems
1600 Wyatt Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-988-1118
EPROM programmers

Russia in Russian in English
Our company is looking for distributors for our low-cost production quality universal programmer (useful for both mass-production programming and development). See detail at
Also we offer a large range of low-cost hand-held copiers for dublication the contents of master chip to any number of the target one. Standalone 24xxx Copier is intended for quick dublication information from the original chip 24Cxxx to another one in standalone mode. See detail at
SmartCARD Copier is intended to copy the contents of the master SmartCARD (PIC16F84+24LC16) to any number of the target cards. See detail at
PIC16x8x, PIC16C54/56/58x Copier is intended to copy the contents of the master PIC16x8x, PIC16C54/56/58x chip to any number of the target chips. See detail at
We provide free lifetime software upgrade via our website, technical support, 1 year warrantly, prompt delivery from our stock.

Korola, 45
tel: +375-17-211-02-71
fax: +375-17-211-02-71 General Technical data
Universal programmers for all chips, eeprom UV eraser.

This is a new page, some of the programmer manufacturers are still on the tool maker pages.

3563 Ryder Street
Santa Clara, CA 95051
tel: +1-408-524-1929
fax: +1-408-245-7084
EPROM programmer for: Bipolar, EEPROMs, EPLD, EPROMs, Flash, GAL, MCU, PAL
Also tests: CMOS, DRAM SRAM, TTL

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