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The 80x86 processor family

This is the Intel processor family as used in the PC.

See also: Instruction set, very nice!

Assembler programming


FAQ about assembler programming for the 80x86 HTML, zipped Text, zipped


8088 Project Book, The
Robert Grossblatt
Tab book, 1989
About $25
ISBN: 0830602712
It has all design info and specs with a good general discussion and pitfalls to avoid too.



The 80x87 series are floating point coprocessors (FPU = Floating Point Unit's) for the 80x86 and 80x88 families. Since the 486DX (not the 486SX) they are integrated with the main processor into one chip. The coprocessor architecture allowed for several types of coprocessors that could work together with the main processor by executing reserved instruction in the instruction stream. Both processors were being synchronized so they would wait for each other to finish their particular instructions.
The coprocessors used to be very expensive and not extrmely fast. Weitek and others produced their own coprocessors that were much better.
After the coprocessors weren't produced anymore by Intel their prices skyrocketed on the obsolete chip markets and a simple 80187's could cost $2000 each.

local Gesytec produces and sells a replacement module for the 80C187.


FAQ about the 486
local 486 FAQ

See also:
local See the other families of processors. FAQ's about microcontrollers You can find a lot of FAQ's here

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