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COMSOL has the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe.

The 586 processor family

Originally by Intel and called Pentium for copyright reasons. Architecture

Local 486 FAQ

See also:


A press release about AMD's K6-2 with 3DNow technology.


Bus speeds etc.

An email with a lot of technical details


A manufacturer of similar CPU's. Cyrix works together with IBM, but is now owned by NS.


See Cyrix on this same page.


A relative late comer in the Pentium arena. See


Pentium II Processor Developer's Manual

Designing for a Pentium(R) II processor? You'll need to check out the Developer's Manual. The Pentium(R) II processor is the next in the Intel386(TM), Intel486(TM), Pentium and Pentium Pro line of Intel processors. The Pentium II and Pentium Pro processors are members of the P6 family of processors, which includes all of the Intel Architecture processors that implement Intel's dynamic execution micro-architecture. Download the Developer's Manual today.

See also:
local See the other families of processors. FAQ's about microcontrollers You can find a lot of FAQ's here

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