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Former soviet chips


The Cyrillic characters on these pages should by now be shown correctly. At least under the different flavors of Windows and using an up-to-date Netscape or Internet Explorer. Not yet under Linux it seems. Some of the lists are in transliterared Cyrillic, so each Cyrillic character is replaced by its Latin equivalent. Cyrillic was originally based on the Greek alphabet when the script was designed by the brothers and orthodox Slavonic monks Cyrill and Methodius in Macedonia in the year 863 with extensions for special Slavic sounds. It was later Romanized under Tsar Peter the Great.

For more details, see:

In transliterated mode, the Greek letter phi (pronounced fi) becomes an f, the Greek letter gamma becomes a g, the Greek letter ro becomes an r etc. There is a table at the bottom of this page.

Most former Soviet chips were copies of existing western chips.

Christoph Zingg around 1996:


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See also About ex-soviet semiconductor industry Overview of ex-soviet logos 20020528: gone

Letter conversion table

Overview of Russian characters

(With thanks to Alexander Derazhne, Chris Costello and Vaidas Balsys for pointing out errors in the previous version of the table.)

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