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Translation table for Russian ECL* chips to Motorola equivalent types

As provided by: Reinhard Labahn <>
The russian letters are transcribed in latin letters.

Russian Motorola
K500LM101 MC10101
K500LM102 MC10102
K500LM105 MC10105
K500LE106 MC10106
K500LP107 MC10107
K500LM109 MC10109
K500LL110 MC10110
K500LE111 MC10111
K500LP114 MC10114
K500LP115 MC10115
K500LP116 MC10116
K500LK117 MC10117
K500LS118 MC10118
K500LS119 MC10119
K500LK121 MC10121
K500LE123M MC10123
K500PU124 MC10124
K500PU125 MC10125
K500LP128 MC10128
K500LP129 MC10129
K500TM130 MC10130
K500TM131 MC10131
K500TM133 MC10133
K500TM134 MC10134
K500TW135 MC10135
K500IE136 MC10136
K500IE137 MC10137
K500IR141 MC10141
K500IE160 MC10160
K500ID161 MC10161
K500ID162 MC10162
K500ID164 MC10164
K500IW165 MC10165
K500TM173 MC10173
K500KP174M MC10174
K500IP179 MC10179
K500IM180 MC10180
K500IP181 MC10181
K500LL210 MC10210
K500LE211 MC10211
K500LP216 MC10216
K500TM231 MC10231

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