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Advertising in the Chipdir

About advertising in the Chipdir

It's hard to write something here that will stay true over time (I notice while rewriting this page, which was full of outdated information). The best way to learn what the current situation is, please email me.

Some general guidelines

Some thing have proven to stay true over time however.

Eternal truths:

The Chipdir welcomes advertisers as it is a way to keep the site free for the visitors.
The visitors have never complained about the Chipdir carrying advertisements and some see it as extra information. Some may filter the ad's out, but those aren't usually the people which make good potential clients anyway.
I'd like to keep the ads non-intrusive and informational, so no overly flashing ads, pop-ups or pop-unders etc.
It took a while to determine the right price per adview and currently it's about $0.002 upto $0.01 per adview (also called $2 to $10 CPM), depending on amount, specialization, work to put it in etc. The standard price is $0.005 for a minimum of $100 per month. This is the price for an ad at the top. At the bottom they cost 50% and half-way the pages 25%.
Since the beginning I have been trying to separate the ad-part of the site from the regular part and from the coming version 2004-07 this will actually be the case for all ads. All ads will be filled in dynamically from, which for the time being is equal to
I'm also filling in ads for
For most of the time since the start of the site I have been able to sell-out all of my top page adviews.

Here some more information (may be outdated):

local Ad providers that provide ad's for the ChipDir
local Advertising in the ChipDir
local Current and past advertisers
local More secret 'inside' information
local Link exchange providers
local Technical issues about advertising here

Ad for PCI video capturing boards by Dektec.
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