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Personal Computer

A lot of the previous contents of this page has been moved to the general ABC of terms.


Online auctions may be a good and easy way to find computer stuff.

Some auction sites are:


Hardware Bible

Hardware Bible: Premier Edition
Winn L. Rosch
Publisher: Sams

IBM Technical Reference, Personal Computer AT

The "mother" of all PC hardware books!

IBM published this back around 1984 when they released the PC/AT. It has signal descriptions, schematics, etc. This was probably the "bible" for clone makers starting out at the time. Given how big the clone industry is today, I'd say this book was worth its weight not in gold, but in diamonds! I don't have an ISBN and it's probably out of print. If you can find it, it's great to have, mostly because of the schematics.
Bohdan Tashchuk

It doesn't contain any explanatory texts, just all kinds
of tables about the PC. (Software and hardware.)
Very good!
From Programmer's PC Sourcebook, the by Thom Hogan

We have tried to buy it here in the Netherlands, some time ago.
(Through IBM The Netherlands) but couldn't get one anymore.
The IBM part number is 6280099.
Jaap van Ganswijk <>

IBM Personal Computer Troubleshooting and Repair (for the IBM PC, PC/XT, and PC AT)
Robert C. Brenner
Howard W. Sams and Company
ISBN: 0-672-22662-6

This book describes the mentioned computers in repair oriented way, describing their PCB*'s more or less detailed operation and gives general troubleshooting tips, like taking infrared photographs before and after (!). Also contains beeping error codes etc. Not all the add-on boards are described and the first edition that I have is a bit outdated in the mean time, since the arrival of the chipsets etc.

The programmer's PC Sourcebook
(Reference tables for IBM PC's and compatibles, PS/2 machines and DOS.)
Thom Hogan
Microsoft Press
ISBN: 1-55615-118-7

This book contains hardly any explanation, but only a wealth of tables about hardware and software alike, for example: BIOS/DOS calls, port addresses, interrupts, ASCII, keyboard scan code but also PCB* and chip pinings and chip register descriptions. It also contains and overview of other useful books in this field.

ISA & EISA Theory and Operation

Edward Solari
ISBN: 0-929392-15-9
This book is quite comprehensive, but has two faults. First, it could be written and organized better. Second, and much more annoying, it has lots of EISA information throughout. That is really confusing, because you always have to make sure you're looking at an ISA, not EISA, timing diagram or table.
Bohdan Tashchuk

Programmer's PC Sourcebook, the

Thom Hogan
Microsoft Press.
ISBN: 1-55615-118-7 (old version).

CD-ROM player

The early CD-ROM players had their own interface cards: Mitsumi, Panasonic and Sony. Later sound cards integrated all those busses and still later the IDE* interface was used.
The Mitsumi CD-ROM interface

PC 97

Designing a PC for 1997...

Date: 19970531
From: Jaap van Ganswijk <>
To: Multiple recipients of Chipdir Mailing List
Subject:  Want to design your own PC?

>PC 97 Hardware Design Guide
>Author: Microsoft Corporation
> ISBN: 1-57231-381-1
>Pages: 464
>Disk: 1 CD
>Price: $44.99 US
>Release: 19970115
>Level: Int/Adv
>If you design PCs and peripherals, here's how
>to create the next generation.
>Here's the authoritative information you need
>to create hardware and drivers supporting the
>PC 97 standards for the next major releases of
>Windows and Windows NT.
>Includes the full specification on CD-ROM

More on:

Processor - Robert Collins' "Intel Secrets" site.


Some tips for PC users that got lost in this Chipdir...

See also - Web Encyclopedia - Myke about PC interfacing

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