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QNX Software Systems, Ltd.
175 Terence Matthews
Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2M 1W8
tel: +1-613-591-0931
fax: +1-613-591-3579
Dan Hildebrand <>
We have a number of customers doing applications with the 386EX and support the 386EX with our embedded toolkit (flash filesystems, execute-in-place, PCMCIA support, RAM*/ROM/Flash configuration, etc).

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Date:    19961103
From:    Stephen Williams <>
Subject: Embedded O/S for GPL

Anybody interested in an embedded O/S that supports GCC? I've written (and
am continuing to write:-) an O/S that supports C/C++ on the i960 and can
be pretty quickly ported to other targets that gcc supports. This is no
toy and my company is using it for real work (why else would I write
it?-) but we are releasing it under GPL terms. I am starting to make
snapshots available for FTP, and presumed people on this list would be

It is called uCR and it is relevent to this list because it specifically
supports cross compilation with the GNU compilation tool chain. I got tired
of worrying about whether GCC was supported on some target O/S for the chip
at hand and decided to do something about it. Plus, uCR meets some specific
design goals (threads, light-weight, portable, embedded O/S, GPL License).

Point your browser at and
pay particular attention to the section on uCR. Documentation in HTML can
be browsed at

Steve Williams

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  But I have promises to keep,
And lines to code before I sleep, And lines to code before I sleep."

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