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Chips in the category 'SOUND'

nr name description manufacturer
1413 MK1413 provides one of 4 selectable MPEG audio clocks (8.192. 11.2896, 12.288, 16.9344 MHz) from a 14.318 MHz input. SO8 MicroClock*
1415 MK1415 8 pin for ESS wavetable sound chips. Produces 33 MHz output from a 14.31818 MHz input clock. Low jitter. MicroClock*
1418 MK1418 the lowest cost 8 pin device with 16.9344 and 24.576 MHz outputs from a 14.31818 MHz input clock MicroClock*
1419 MK1419 8 pin for OPTi wavetable. Has 16.9344, 24.576, 33.8688, and 45.1584 MHz clocks MicroClock*
1420 MK1420 the original industry standard 8 pin package for Crystal CS4232 and Yamaha OPL3 and OPL4 series. Best jitter in industry MicroClock*
1422 MK1422 8 pin package for notebooks, has 16.9344, 24.576, 33.8688 MHz plus power down MicroClock*
1444 MK1444 02 - 16 pin for DSP*, stereo codec*, wavetable synthesis, and SCSI. MK1444-02 for Crystal wavetable solution. MicroClock*
1446 MK1446 8 pin package for Creative Technology sound chips. Has 46.6152 MHz output from a 14.31818 input clock. Power down. MicroClock*
1463 MK1463 16 pin for Creative's Sound Blaster chipset MicroClock*
1467 MK1467 16 pin for Creative's Sound Blaster wavetable chipset MicroClock*
20187 CX20187 Noise Reduction System, Dolby B- and C-Type
2149 YM2149F Atari: Soundchip Yamaha
2811 HT-2811 Door Bell, Ding Dong Holtek*
2812 HT-2812 Sound Generator Holtek*
2813 HT-2813 Sound Generator Holtek*
2821 HT-2821 2 Sound Generator Holtek*
2822 HT-2822 2 Sound Generator Holtek*
2830 HT-2830 Tone Generator, up/down Holtek*
2843 HT-2843A 4 Sound Generator, 5 LED Flash Holtek*
2844 HT-2844 4 Sound Generator Holtek*
2860 HT-2860 6 Sound Generator Holtek*
2880 HT-2880 8 Sound Generator Holtek*
2881 HT-2881A 8 Sound Generator Holtek*
2883 HT-2883 8 Sound Generator Holtek*
2884 HT-2884 8 Sound Generator with 5 LED outputs Holtek*
2885 HT-2885 8 Sound Generator Holtek*
3 AY-3-8910 Sound synthesizer chip and parallel ports GI*
3 AY-3-8912 Sound synthesizer chip GI*
3010 HT-3010 Rhythm Generator, 4 kinds of drum sound and rhythm Holtek*
3311 PCD3311* DTMF/modem*/tone generator in DIP14 Philips
3371 HT-3371 Keyboard instrument, 37-key Holtek*
3670 HT3670C Electronic Drum, pinout Holtek
3810 HT-3810 128 Notes Generator Holtek*
8740 TDA8740 Satellite sound crt., noise reduction DIL42SHR Philips
8741 TDA8741 Satellite sound crt., noise reduction DIL42SHR Philips
8742 TDA8742 Satellite sound crt., noise reduction DIL42SHR Philips

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