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Chips in the category 'MEM'

nr name description manufacturer
1210 DS1210 Nonvolatile controller Chip, PS, pinout Dallas*
1211 DS1211 Nonvolatile controller X 8 Chip, PS, pinout Dallas*
1212 DS1212 Nonvolatile controller X 16 Chip, PS, pinout Dallas*
1218 DS1218 Nonvolatile Controller, Dallas*
1221 DS1221 Nonvolatile Controller*4 Chip, Dallas*
1221 DS1221 Nonvolatile controller x 4 Chip, PS Dallas*
1222 DS1222 BankSwitch Chip, PS Dallas*
1234 DS1234 Conditional Nonvolatile controller Chip, PS Dallas*
1237 DS1237 DRAM Nonvolatizer Chip, PS Dallas*
1262 DS1262 Serial DRAM Nonvolatizer Chip, Dallas*
1610 DS1610 Partitioned NV* Controller, PS Dallas*
1981 DS1981U UniqueWare touch memory, PS Dallas*
1982 DS1982 1Kbit Add-Only touch Memory, PS Dallas*
1982 DS1982U UniqueWare touch memory, Dallas*
1985 DS1985 16Kbit Add-Only touch memory, PS Dallas*
1986 DS1986 64Kbit Add-Only Touch Memory, PS Dallas*
1992 DS1992 1kbit/4kbit Touch Memory, PS Dallas*
1993 DS1993 1kbit/4kbit Touch Memory, PS Dallas*
1994 DS1994 1kbit/4kbit Touch Memory, PS Dallas*
1995 DS1995 16Kbit Touch Memory, PS Dallas*
1996 DS1996 64Kbit Touch Memory, PS Dallas*
2032 PCB2032 Memory IC* for chip cards Philips
2042 PCB2042 Memory IC* for chip cards Philips
2501 DS2501 UniqueWare Add-Only Memory, PS Dallas*
2502 DS2502 1Kbit Add-Only Memory, PS Dallas*
2502 DS2502-UNW UniqueWare Add-Only Memory, Dallas*
2505 DS2505 16Kbit Add-Only Memory, PS Dallas*
2506 DS2506 64Kbit Add-Only Memory, PS Dallas*
29368 Am29368 1M-Bit Dynamic Memory controller (DMC) AMD
2965 RAM drivers
2968 Am2968 Dynamic Memory controller (DMC) AMD
2969 Am2969 Dynamic Memory Timing controller AMD
2970 Am2970 Dynamic Memory Timing controller AMD
4951 SAA4951 Memory controller Philips
63485 Graphic Memory Interface controller Hitachi*
741762 N74F1762 4 M-bit memory address controller DIL40 Philips
741763 N74F1763 1 M-bit intelligent DRAM controller DIL48 Philips
741764 N74F1764 1 M-bit DRAM dual* ported controller DIL48 Philips
741764 N74F1764-1 1 M-bit DRAM dual* ported controller DIL48 Philips
741765 N74F1765 1 M-bit DRAM dual* ported controller DIL48 Philips
741765 N74F1765-1 1 M-bit DRAM dual* ported controller DIL48 Philips
741766 N74F1766 Burst-mode DRAM controller DIL48 Philips
74436 74S436 memory driver with series resistor
74437 74S437 memory driver
744764 74ABT4764 Programmable DRAM controller Philips
74600 74600 4K/16K DRAM refresh controller
74601 74601 64K DRAM refresh controller
74602 74602 4K/16K DRAM refresh controller
74603 74603 64K DRAM refresh controller
74608 74608 DRAM cycle controller
74610 74610 4:12 memory mapper latched 3-state
74611 74611 4:12 memory mapper latched OC*
74612 74612 4:12 memory mapper 3-state
74613 74613 4:12 memory mapper OC*
74764 N74F764-l DRAM dual* ported controller DIL40 Philips
74765 N74F765-1 DRAM dual* ported controller without latch DIL40 Philips
8202 i8202 DRAM controller Intel $5.75
8203 i8203 DRAM controller Intel $9
82556 82C556M Cache Controller-Viper OPTi
8419 256k*8 DRAM controller NS
8420 DP8420 256K DRAM controller NS
8421 DP8421 1M DRAM controller NS
8422 DP8422 4M DRAM controller NS
8428 DP8428 1M DRAM controller NS
8429 1M*8 DRAM controller NS
8429 DP8429 1M DRAM controller NS
843x DRAM controller (low cost model) NS
844x National DRAM controller with Burst Mode support NS
85461 85C461 Memory controller SMT SIS
88410 Secondary cache controller Motorola*
9020 I2C-bus field memory controller Philips*
9096 DS9096P Touch Memory Adhesive Pads, PS Dallas*

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