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Chips in the category 'ISOL'

nr name description manufacturer
111 SCS11C1 Spectronics optoisolator Spectronics
112 PC112 OI* PT 40% 5KV Sharp
12 IL12 Spectronics optoisolator Spectronics
2 MCT2 OI* PT 20% 30us
3009 OPI3009 TRW Optron opto-iso (250V triac) Optron
3023 MCP3023 OI* triac 400V 100ma Motorola
3043 MCP3043 OI* triac 400V 100ma zero crossing Motorola
357 PC357 OI* PT Sharp
417 PC417 OI* PT 20% 1 Mb/s Sharp
429 4N29 Spectronics optoisolator Spectronics
432 4N32 OI* PD 500% 45us
435 4N35 OI* PT 40% 5us
6000 OL6000 OI* logic 15 Mb/s GI
6010 OL6010 OI* logic 15 Mb/s OC* GI
6136 6N136 OI* PT 20% 1 Mb/s
6137 6N137 OI* half-logic 75ns 10 Mb/s HP
6138 6N138 Spectronics optoisolator Spectronics
6139 6N139 OI* PD 500% 100Kb/s
7110 HSSR-7110 OI* MOSFET 1.6A HP
7270 SPX7270 Spectronics optoisolator Spectronics
741 SPX74A1 opto isolator Spectronics
817 PC817 OI* PT 50% 5KV Sharp

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