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Chips in the category 'FPU'

nr name description manufacturer
201 PCC201 Large Number Modular Arithmetic Coprocessor, Pins
29027 Am29027 Arithmetic accelerator AMD*
29325 Am29325 32-Bit Floating Point Processor AMD
3164 WTL3164 FPU, See also 32580 Weitek
32081 Floating Point Unit for NS32xxx-family, pinout NS*
32381 Floating Point Unit for NS32xxx-family NS
68881 MC68881 Floating Point Coprocessor (FPU), Family Motorola*
68882 MC68882 Enhanced floating point coprocessor (FPU), Family Motorola*
748847 Floating-Point Processor Cypress, TI?
7608 Sparc-family Floating-Point controller Cypress, SUN
80187 80C187 replacement module for the 80C187, local xx Gesytec*
80287 i80287 FPU for the 80286 Intel
80387 i80387 FPU for the 80386 Intel
8070 Z8070 Arithmetic processing unit Zilog
8087 Numeric data processor, pinout Intel*
8231 Arithmetic processor AMD
8231 i8231 FPU (=Am9511) Intel
8232 Arithmetic processor AMD
8232 i8232 FPU (=Am9512) Intel
9511 Am9511 Arithmetic processing unit AMD
9512 Am9512 Arithmetic processing unit AMD

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