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Chips in the category 'DIODE'

nr name description manufacturer
1 G1G-t/r rect diode 400v 1a do204a GI
10 BAV10 diode sig 60v 300ma d035 Philips
103 LM103 Ref* Diode NS
1030 BYV10-30 schottky diode 30v 1a d041 Philips
13064 Ultra Fast Diode NS
13070 High Speed Diode NS
13595 Low Leakage Diode NS
13600 Ultra Fast Diode NS
14148 Ultra Fast Diode NS
14150 Ultra Fast Diode NS
14306 dual* Diode Assembly NS
14307 quad* Diode Assembly NS
14376 Ultra Fast Diode NS
14454 Ultra Fast Diode NS
1457 Low Leakage Diode NS
1458 Low Leakage Diode NS
1459 Low Leakage Diode NS
14743 1n4743 zener diode 1w 13v Motorola
1483 Low Leakage Diode NS
1485 Low Leakage Diode NS
1486 Low Leakage Diode NS
14938 Fast Diode NS
15570 8 JNC Diode Array NS
15768 8 JNC Diode Array NS
15772 16 JNC Diode Array NS
15774 16 JNC Diode Array NS
16 bas16 diode sot23 tape/r(215) Philips
16100 7 JNC Diode Array NS
16101 8 JNC Diode Array NS
1746 1n746a zener diode 500mw 3.3v Motorola
1914 Ultra Fast Diode NS
28200 byv28-200 diode u/fast 200v/3.5a Philips
3 DB3 diac trigger diode do35 ST
30800 byt30pi-800 rect diode dop3i Philips
3104 31dq04 schottky barr diode 40v Motorola
401 DAP401 4 matched Si-diodes in SIP5 order from Barend
482 ba482 diode band sw 35v 1.2pf Philips
5556 BZX55C5V6 zener diode 500mw 5.6v Philips
682 ba682 diode 36v/100ma sod80 t/r (115) Philips
8100 8tq100 schottky diode 100v 8a t0220 Motorola
85 bas85 schottky diode sod80c tape/reel (115) Philips
8547 bzv85c4v7 zener diode 1.3w 4.7v Philips

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