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Chips in the category 'CPU'

nr name description manufacturer
1750 MIL-STD-1750 MIL-STD-1750 is a microprocessor architecture standard (by the US Air Force). more, see MIL-STD-1750.
281 MDC281 See 1750 McDonnel-Douglas
2901 Bit slice CPU component (Very obsolete) AMD*
2901 Am2901 4 bit bit-slice processor element AMD $0.50
2909 Am2909 microprogram controller AMD
2910 Am2910 microprogram sequencer AMD
2911 Am2911 microprogram controller AMD $0.50
29112 Am29112 High-Performance and Bit Slice Microprogram Sequencer AMD
29323 Am29323 32-Bit Parallel Multiplier AMD
29331 Am29331 16-Bit Microprogram Sequencer AMD
29332 Am29332 32-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit AMD
29334 Am29334 Four-Port, Dual-Access Register File AMD
29501 Am29501A Multi-Port Pipelined Processor (Byte-Slice) AMD
29509 Am29509 12*12 Multiply Accumulator AMD
29509 Am29L509 12*12 Multiply Accumulator AMD
29516 Am29516 16*16-Bit Parallel Muitipliers AMD
29517 Am29517 16*16-Bit Parallel Muitipliers AMD
3001 i3001 bit-slice sequencer Intel
3002 i3002 2 bit bit-slice ALU Intel
31750 31750 See 1750 Marconi
6509 6509 6502 with 1 MB address space CSG*
6510 6510 6502 with output port (used for memory configuration in C64) CSG*
74481 74S481 4-bit bit-slice processor element
74482 74S482 4-bit bit-slice control element
8502 8502 2 MHz 6502 (used in C128) CSG*
9450 F9450 See 1750 Fairchild

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