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Chips in the category 'CONSUMER'

nr name description manufacturer
0586 SLB0586 Touch Control Light Dimmer , data (shtml needed) Siemens
2514 TS2514 The SmartPortTS2514 is a microcontroller based smart card interface solution that is designed to be quickly customized to unique and legacy smart card systems Tritheim*
2598 TS2598 The SmartPortTS2598 is a certified and low cost serial smart card interface solution for PCs, phones, PAs vending machines, cable boxes, and any other intelligent appliance Tritheim*
3100 MLC3100 Single chip CDROM-MP3 decoder MCS Logic

See also Very nice! Search the site on Registration needed Registration needed Russian site with a lot of component overviews, large parts are in Russian This used to be

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