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About the Chipdir

Downloading the Chipdir


This section describes how you can download the Chipdir for either personal (harddisk or CD-R), LAN, intranet, CD-ROM or public mirroring purposes. (Click on the terms for a few small conditions or read on.)

How to download

It's usually available from: Netherlands Netherlands

When in doubt, feel free to email me about it.

Is the downloaded version the same as the on-line version?

Yes, it's exactly the same. The mirror sites are set-up using these same archieves.

How off-line can it be used?

At the moment the Chipdir includes a lot of ads that are being inserted by other sites, so you can't easily use the above version really stand-alone (unless you use an ad-stopper of course. A simple way to implement an ad-stopper yourself is by adding the IP addresses of the adservers to the 'hosts' file (in the Windows directory or under Unix in '/etc') and link them to your localhost. I haven't tried it myself, but it seems to work. I don't mind as long as enough people are not doing this! I have to earn a living too... ;-)

Sometimes I compile a special off-line version (which has static ads) for inclusion on CD-ROM's, but it costs me a couple of hours and there aren't many requests for it.

How to install

How to unpack the archive?

Put the archive in the directory above the old '/chipdir/' directory or where you want to have it created.
Then (under Unix) type 'tar xzf chipdir.tgz'. This will unpack the archive (but will keep the archive file intact) and create a directory called 'chipdir' with everything in it.

How to correct the permissions

On some Unix's the permissions will not be correct, if so, go inside the directory and type './ .'. This will recursively go through the directory and subdirectories and will put all the permissions right (for use as a publicly accessable site). This is Perl-script, so make you can execute Perl scripts on your system. If need be, edit the first line. (BTW. This is the only Perl script I ever wrote. I like PHP much better... ;-).

CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and harddisk-ability

To copy the Chipdir to a CD-R, first extract it to your harddisk and then copy it to the CD-R.

A few small conditions

Personal usage

No conditions. Please don't spread altered copies.
I also run the Chipdir (the new version I am working on) from harddisk myself of course (both under Windows and Linux), have fun! The whole site can (still) run with or without a WWW server.

LAN and intraweb usage

No alterations please.
Make sure you download and install a new version regurarly when a serious number of people are using it. (At least every year). The Chipdir is generally updated twice a year.

CD-ROM and CD-R usage

No alterations please.
If you want to include the Chipdir on a CD-ROM or CD-R that you're going to sell or give away in serious numbers let me know and I make a special off-line version for it. Please send me two copies of it, one to show others and one for my archive. Sending more copies is also appreciated. If you have also organized a selling service, I'd like to notify my advertisers and others that they can order the CD and in case of the advertisers that they can deduct the cost (when modest :-) from their next payment.

Here are companies that lately including the Chipdir on their CD's:

Mirror usage

I don't think that mirroring is still a good idea.

But these used to be the conditions:

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